CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Vectorform, headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan, invents digital products and experiences both for their own products and for the world’s leading brands.

Our Rumble Test Suite includes a Rumble device, an iOS application, and a web application. The Rumble Test Suite upgrades washing machines by recognizing, in real time, when a washing machine has finished running.

The Rumble device contains a sensor that detects the vibrations coming from a washing machine. Additionally, the Rumble device contains communication technology to wirelessly transmit the information from its sensors across the internet.

Using the data collected from the Rumble device, our Rumble Test Suite distinguishes when a washing machine is operating, and when it has finished. Our solution uses deep learning to make predictions on the state of the washing machine. Additionally, our solution is generalizable to any type of washing machine and wash cycle. This allows our platform to be widely deployed without any additional development overhead.

The iOS application alerts users when their laundry finishes, affording people more freedom to do other activities without worry of forgetting their laundry

The iOS app configures the Rumble device while it is deployed, allowing developers to quickly diagnose and fix any problems. Our web app displays all wash cycle data from the Rumble device for analysis by Vectorform employees. 

The Rumble Device contains an ESP32 and an accelerometer. The ESP32 is connected to an iOS device using Bluetooth Low Energy. The accelerometer reads vibration data that is pushed to our MySQL database over MQTT. The web application is implemented using HTML, CSS and the ReactJS extension Victory React for data visualization.