CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Headquartered in Detroit, Urban Science is internationally renowned for providing data-driven, science-based solutions to problems in the automotive, health, and retail industries. AutoHook is a subsidiary of Urban Science and assists automotive dealers and OEMs in increasing walk-in customer traffic.

AutoHook currently provides a voucher redemption service used by auto dealerships. This service allows dealers to redeem customer’s vouchers at the dealership for rewards, such as gift cards. Currently, the redemption service is solely available as a desktop website, meaning that all redemptions must be performed using a computer.

Our AutoHook Mobile Redemption Tool enables auto dealers to utilize any mobile device with a web browser to redeem vouchers for their customers.

Dealers have access to our redemption tool from anywhere, including the vehicle lot or during customer test drives. Additionally, our redemption tool utilizes the camera found in most mobile devices as a barcode scanner. This allows dealers to scan the barcode located on a customer’s voucher instead of being required to manually enter the relevant information.

Additionally, our AutoHook Mobile Redemption Tool offers intuitive visualizations and graphs of helpful statistics and calculated metrics to enable dealers to understand the effectiveness of their voucher campaigns. Also included in our platform is a dedicated question and answer section, which includes useful documentation and training videos.

AutoHook Mobile Redemption Tool is an online web application designed to work on all modern mobile browsers. The front end, created with Angular 8, is easy to extend and modify. The tool makes use of a supporting ASP.NET back end on 4.8 .NET Framework.