CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

United Airlines is the world’s second largest airline, operating approximately 4,900 flights a day and transporting over 150 million passengers a year out of 362 airports around the globe. To maintain its fleet of 1,300 aircraft and ensure successful flights, it is crucial to identify and resolve safety concerns and hazards.

Over 88,000 employees work for United Airlines, yet less than 10% of the airport operations employees fill out safety reports, called GSAP forms. This is because GSAP form submission can only be done on a desktop computer, meaning that employees in the field must go inside and find an available computer in order to fill out a form.

Similarly, the Quality Control (QC) Audit forms are currently filled out with pen and paper while the employee is in the field, and then require additional time for the employee to input that information onto a computer.

Using our Safety Reporting and QC Audit Center Mobile App, employees can efficiently and effectively fill out GSAP and QC Audit forms in the field.

Within the application, users can create, save and submit forms. Saved forms can be accessed at a later time via desktop or mobile app, and are available until the employee submits the form or the form expires. The application caters to an employee’s position and only shows the types of forms that are applicable to their specific role.

This application helps employees save time and effort by enabling the completion of GSAP and QC Audit forms in the field. The ease of use incentivizes more employees to fill out safety reports, increasing participation in the GSAP program.

Our Safety Reporting and QC Audit Center Mobile App is built with Swift and Texture for iOS, Kotlin for Android, Python and Django for the API, and a Microsoft SQL Server database.