CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

To help its customers communicate more effectively, TechSmith assists in the creation of images and videos. Its flagship products, Snagit and Camtasia, are used by more than 30 million customers, worldwide.

Many customers of TechSmith do not have a background in video production. This lack of experience can often lead to less than professional content.

Our Smart Camera software assists TechSmith users in creating better video content through intuitive, easy-to-use mobile and web applications. The content created using our system can be easily used with TechSmith’s video editing software, Camtasia.

The Smart Camera iOS application offers a suite of tools to give video creators feedback and advice on filming in real time. As the user films a video, our software automatically analyzes video frames continuously to provide feedback on the lighting quality, as well as the framing of their video scenes. Example feedback can be seen in our screenshots on the right.

Smart Camera also supports a live teleprompter feature on mobile devices to display prepared scripts during filming. The teleprompter non-obtrusively overlays the user’s script on the camera view (shown on the right).

The Smart Camera web dashboard allows users to create and manage their scripts, which can be exported to the Smart Camera mobile application for filming. Additionally, the web dashboard aggregates all completed video assets, including scripts and raw video files. These assets can be exported automatically from the Smart Camera mobile application.

Our web application is made using JavaScript, C# and the ASP.NET core framework. Our web application, video storage, and database are hosted on Microsoft Azure. The mobile application is written in Swift.