CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1996 in Chicago, Technology Services Group (TSG) is an expert in data and document management. TSG has many clients across a wide range of industries and is a leading provider of content management solutions.

TSG also works with nonprofit companies in the medical industry who are often burdened with large volumes of documents and forms. Two of the most common include employee onboarding documentation and patient forms. Human resource representatives spend much of their valuable time tracking and collecting these documents.

Our Volunteer Onboarding and Patient Visit Management system integrates the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud with TSG’s existing software, OpenContent Management Suite (OCMS) to create new OCMS dashboards to streamline the creation, upload, and management of employee onboarding documentation and patient forms.

Our newly designed web dashboards simplify the employee onboarding process by aggregating the completed and outstanding necessary documentation to one central location. Employees can use our visualization tools to quickly track the progress of a new employee’s onboarding and monthly patient visits.

Additionally, employees can automatically record, save, and track patient visits without the need for paper forms. Employees can search, add, and update any required patient documents quickly and easily.

Our system saves employees significant time and energy. Patient tracking is now automatically handled in one convenient location that can be accessed by anyone at any location.

Our Volunteer Onboarding and Patient Visit Management system utilizes Apache Tomcat, HTML, Java, JavaScript, and the Microsoft Azure cloud service HDInsight.