CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1937, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union offers financial services to students, faculty, and staff of Michigan State University and Oakland University. With over $4.1 billion in assets and 280,000 members, MSUFCU is the largest university-based credit union in the world.

MSUFCU offers superior service while also helping their members and employees achieve financial security, their goals, and ultimately, their dreams. A cornerstone of their customer-focused offerings is educational content to inform and guide members.

Our MSUFCU Achieve It platform is a family-oriented educational tool to help children develop a healthy relationship with money and banking at an early age.

The customer applications of Achieve It are available on Android, iOS, web and Google Home, and enable children to learn about finances in an environment controlled by their parent.

Our applications allow parents to set tasks, goals, and lessons for their children to complete in order to earn real money. These tasks can include anything from household chores to watching videos on financial education.

Children learn the value of money while completing tasks or lessons on our child Achieve It application and earn a monetary reward provided by the parent. Achieve It teaches children about the fundamentals of saving money, and also allows them to obtain loans administered by their parent to learn the difference between borrowing and saving.

Additionally, MSUFCU administrators can view statistics about Achieve It utilization through our web-dashboard to enable them to develop new and engaging content more easily.

Our software is developed in Kotlin and Swift for Android and iOS, ReactJS for web, and Google’s DialogFlow for Google Home. The back end is built on the Google Firebase suite of products.