CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

The mission of the Michael Sadler Foundation is to inspire and empower students in building their personal legacies. The foundation uses their Six Pillars of character as stepping-stones for this growth and does so with the GameChang3rs Program.

GameChang3rs is a program that provides K-8 students with tools to help them develop strong character, make good choices, and mature both socially and emotionally. GameChang3rs ambassadors are volunteer high school students who teach and mentor elementary school students.

Students and ambassadors meet once a month during the school year. However, between these meetings, the Michael Sadler Foundation is concerned that their students do not retain the important information from the GameChang3rs lessons.

Our Gamifying GameChang3rs project is a web-based platform designed to keep students continually engaged with the Six Pillars material throughout the time between meetings.

Gamifying GameChang3rs contains a variety of educational games designed to teach K-8 students lessons about the Six Pillars of character. Students have fun and earn points all while interacting with material in a fun and educational manner.

GameChang3rs administrators can view statistics about which games are the most popular, how many games are being played a day, and how many students are logging in to the system. To adhere to privacy regulations, no information that can identify students is stored. Instead, this information is used to identify which games are effective to guide the development of future games.

The front end of our system is built using Angular 8, while the back end is implemented using Express. In addition, the Unity game engine, along with WebGL provides a simple solution to develop native web games. Game and user information is stored in a MongoDB database.