CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Herman Miller, a 100+-year-old company from Zeeland, Michigan, is an industry leader in home and office furniture.

Known for its history of design innovation, Herman Miller dedicates research to office space quality in an effort to quantify the effectiveness of different workspace layouts. Currently, sensors are employed to measure utilization of workspace areas.

Sensor solutions, however, do not provide information regarding employee satisfaction, or sentiment, towards a specific workspace.

Our Measuring Workspace Impact on Employee Experience application allows employees to use kiosk stations and their mobile devices to input sentiment about specific workspaces. Additionally, our sentiment analysis web platform derives quick data insights from the survey results.

Users have the option to log in to the mobile application using their company code, and either their user identification or continue as a guest. Registered users can view their rewards and statistics pages.

When a user with the mobile application leaves a workspace, a proximity beacon sends a notification prompting sentiment questions about the workspace. Kiosk stations are available in key workspace locations across a floor plan.

Collected data is displayed through the analytics web platform, accessible only by Herman Miller administrators. The platform allows users to better understand how to alter workspaces to increase employee satisfaction.

Our software uses Amazon Web Services including their relational database service, natural language processing, and API gateways for our back end to collect and analyze data. Estimote Proximity Beacons detect participating user locations on their Android or iOS devices. The web analytics platform is built using ReactJS and displays data using the Google Analytics API.