CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Headquartered in Midland, Michigan, Dow is a global leader in specialty chemicals, advanced materials, and plastics. Dow provides a world-class portfolio of advanced, sustainable, and leading-edge products.

Working with chemical products requires extreme precision to ensure the safety of all involved. This necessitates the need for precise equipment location and tracking records. Currently, Dow’s technical experts manually complete these monotonous, non-uniform reports. With plants in 160 countries, it is increasingly difficult to coordinate this information.

Our Manufacturing Avatar Plant Twin (MAPT) system provides Dow’s experts with the simple and precise tools needed to report accurate equipment locations and build a centralized database with up-to-date information.

Our system streamlines the sensor assignment process for different pieces of equipment at Dow plants. Using our web application, a user analyzes assets such as pumps, compressors and furnaces, then reports the locations of sensors attached to these pieces of equipment.

Once the user is finished reporting sensor locations, the information is propagated to the database, where it is compared with other reports assigned to the same asset. Discrepancies and errors are flagged in the background.

To aid in the reporting process, machine learning is used to suggest potential layouts to the user for new assets, based on trends in previously submitted data.

Our web application is built using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform. The user interface runs on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. All the records are stored in an SQL database that is managed and implemented with C#. The Manufacturing Avatar Plant Twin supports desktop and mobile browsers.