CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Yello is a Chicago-based company that provides software for talent acquisition. Their products help recruitment teams hire the right talent at the right time.

Collecting applicant data at recruiting events is a valuable tool for every company during the hiring process. A problem arises when submitted data is not standardized.

If a recruiter feels they have had a great conversation with an applicant from Michigan State University and wants to schedule an interview, they will search the applicant data for “Michigan State University.” However, if the applicant listed their university as “MSU” or “Mich. State,” the recruiter might not be able to find the applicant’s information.

Our Intelligent and Adaptive Data Mapping application mitigates the issues related to non-standard input through use of Yello’s wealth of collected university data.

As an applicant is entering their data, our application suggests to the user the standardized input based on historical data. For example, “MSU” is the abbreviation of 15 different universities. As a user inputs their information, any non-standard input is mapped to a list of accepted standardized inputs for the user to select.

Standardized input suggestions are available for applicant input fields including degree type, academic major and college.

Ensuring standardized inputs enables recruiters to make informed decisions about a candidate with the most accurate information.

Our Intelligent and Adaptive Data Mapping web app is built with the JavaScript library React. Our back end utilizes Django REST framework and Python to best match user input based on current data. This data exists in our NoSQL database, which is hosted through Firebase.