CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

United Airlines is the world's second largest airline company, operating 4,600 flights a day to 357 destinations. To maintain its fleet of 1,300 aircraft and ensure successful flights, it is crucial to have properly trained personnel. United's Technical Operations division has 45 instructors who teach around 700 classes yearly to over 7,000 employees.

Our Training Scheduling and Optimization System II provides a web app to facilitate United's maintenance training schedulers to schedule instructors, students, and courses across the country.

When the scheduler wants to schedule a course, they must take into account a number of factors, including instructor availability, venue availability, instructor travel distance, and instructor qualifications.

Using our mobile compatible website, users can schedule classes manually, or through our automated schedule optimizer. Manual scheduling can be used effectively for a few classes in a short time frame. However, when dealing with a large number of classes and taking into account all relevant factors, manual scheduling is an arduous task.

Our schedule optimization feature allows a scheduler to input a given time frame, a set of classes, and a set of locations. The optimizer then recommends an optimal schedule, including instructor and classroom assignments.

The optimized schedule minimizes the distance traveled by instructors and takes into account instructor qualifications and room availabilities.

An optimized schedule saves United Airlines significant time, money, and resources.

Our Training Scheduling and Optimization System II web app is built with ASP.NET Core, Angular 8, Node.js, an Entity Framework, and an Azure SQL database. The web app is hosted as an app service on Azure Cloud Platform.