CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

The mission of the Michael Sadler Foundation is to inspire and empower students in building their personal legacies. The foundation uses six pillars of character as stepping stones for this growth, and does so with the GameChang3rs Program.

GameChang3rs is a program to give students tools that will help them develop strong character, make good choices, and become socially and emotionally engaged. GameChang3rs student ambassadors are volunteer high school students who teach and mentor elementary school students.

As the foundation expands, organizing and analyzing the accrued data becomes challenging and complex. Current data analysis and organization exists in Excel spreadsheets and paper.

Our GameChang3rs Learning Management System helps to automate and digitize this process. Our web application allows administrators to manage staff and training material, as well as collect student metrics on the effectiveness of different lessons and initiatives.

Used by administrators, student ambassadors, and foundation sponsors, our application is a hub for all foundation materials, including lessons, quizzes and presentations.

Google applications, which are used for presentations, videos, and quizzes, are fully embedded in our site, ensuring that GameChang3rs members can access all of their data and materials in one convenient application.

With the end goal of rapid expansion, our Learning Management System is designed to be fully scalable to include more ambassadors, schools, and even organizations in the future.

The Gamechang3rs Learning Management System front end is built using JavaScript, HTML and Bootstrap. The back end uses PHP and is hosted on Amazon Web Services through AWS Elastic Beanstalk.