CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, Bosch is an engineering and electronics company with products sold in 150 countries worldwide. In addition to its industrial and building lines of products, Bosch is the world’s leading supplier of automotive components.

Bosch develops sophisticated radar software for use in driver assistance systems. These radars are used to detect and identify obstacles and hazards on the road. Based on the output of the software, cars can notify drivers of hazards, and even automatically brake to avoid a collision.

Every configuration of radar and hardware requires a unique software system. Consequently, each configuration also needs a unique testing and deployment system. The testing and deployment of Bosch’s radar software is currently done manually, requiring significant investment of time and money.

Our Integration and Testing Suite for ADAS Radar Sensors automates the testing and deployment of Bosch’s radar software. Whenever an engineer updates their code, the resulting software undergoes extensive automatic testing. This testing verifies that any updated software does not compromise the radars or their functionality.

Automatic deployment and testing enable Bosch’s developers to quickly identify malfunctioning software, patch any software bugs, and avoid introducing any new errors.

Our Integration and Testing Suite frees engineers to focus on implementing new features without the concern of errors, instead of manually running tests.

Automated flashing and testing use Jenkins. Flashing is communicated using CANape and CANalyzer. This provides functionality so that when a Bosch engineer changes the software in Bitbucket, a Jenkins job then starts and tests the software.