CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science is a Detroit-based company that uses scientific approaches to help solve the problems of modern business. Urban Science provides data-driven solutions to the retail, health and automotive industries.

In the world of car buying and selling, customers can identify what a certain dealership has to offer, but dealers cannot readily identify their customers’ interests. This puts a burden on the customers and may overwhelm those who are more inexperienced, thereby decreasing the chances of a successful purchase.

Our Dealer4U system is an innovative method of connecting customers with car dealers. Using a mobile app, customers search through inventories of local car dealers, selecting brands and models that interest them. Once completed, it also allows potential buyers to view offers and incentives from dealers on cars that match their selections.

For the car dealer, our app enables them to see leads from customers in their area and create car-buying incentives based on those leads. Once a customer specifies their interests, dealers view them and create incentives designed to lure the customer into the showroom for a test drive and, hopefully, a successful sale.

Dealer4U simplifies and improves the experience of buying and selling cars for all involved.

Our Dealer4U system is accessible by customers through Android and iOS mobile apps, and by dealers through a web app. The mobile apps are written with Xamarin, and the web app is written with Angular. The backend uses ASP.NET Core, and the data is stored on a MongoDB database.