CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

United Airlines is a major United States airline, operating 4,600 flights a day out of more than 350 airports.

Having properly trained personnel to maintain its fleet of aircraft is vital to the successful operation of each flight.

In order to maintain a staff of trained personnel, United’s Technical Operations division has 60 instructors that deliver some 700 courses to more than 7,000 employees a year.

Our Training Scheduling and Optimization System provides a web app and a mobile app that enable United’s schedulers to schedule, instructors to teach, and students to take courses around the country.

When the scheduler wants to schedule a course, the system automatically displays the available locations and instructors that can be assigned to that course. It allows instructors to track attendance of their classes and generate a completion roster at the conclusion of the course.

Our system includes a schedule optimization system. Using a given set of classes and a timeframe, the optimizer recommends an optimal schedule. This reduces the amount of time it takes for the scheduler to plan courses.

Instructors also can request time off through the system and supervisors have the ability to approve or deny these requests, as well as track their instructors’ time.

All of the functionality of our system is available using either our web app or our Apple iOS app with the exception of scheduling, which is exclusive to the web app.

Our Training Scheduling and Optimization System web app is built with ASP.NET Core, Angular 7 and a Microsoft SQL Server database. The Apple iOS app is written in Swift.