CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Union Pacific was founded in 1862. Today it is a leading transportation company, employing 43,000 people, utilizing more than 8,600 locomotives that run on 32,100 miles of track through 23 states.

Union Pacific uses interactive training simulations to help its employees learn how to properly operate its machinery, something known as gamification. Unfortunately, when a new training module is created, each component must be redeveloped, a slow, time-consuming process.

Our Railroad Arcade provides a framework for building training simulation systems. Our framework includes a variety of reusable components such as a main menu, a scoring system and a leaderboard.

Our Railroad Arcade significantly reduces the amount of time needed to develop a training simulation, as well as increases accessibility for a future one. It also allows simulations to be stored in a single location.

We provide both web and Windows applications so that simulations run in both environments. Developers configure our components to fit their needs.

Our framework, with its reusable components, enables Union Pacific developers to create new training simulations without having to reinvent the proverbial wheel. As examples to developers, our system includes three sample games.

The reusable components and sample games in Railroad Arcade are written using C# in Unity. The website is implemented with TypeScript and CSS based on Angular.