CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1996 in Chicago, Technology Services Group (TSG) focuses on helping companies manage their data and business processes. Today, TSG has many clients across a wide range of industries and is a leading provider of content management solutions.

Clients of TSG include insurance companies, whose claims agents must quickly deal with incidents that often contain large amounts of security video footage. These incidents can include anything from the theft of a bicycle to a multi-vehicle accident. Claims agents can spend large amounts of time searching for important pieces of security videos in order to sum up an incident.

Our Multi-Video Case Management tool helps clients more efficiently deal with cases containing multiple videos.

Our tool includes a feature known as Add Videos, which allows for the quick searching of security videos by prompting users for a location, time and date of an incident. It then retrieves security video files that match the criteria and displays each on an interactive map. Videos can be selected and added into the case folder by the user.

Multiple videos are then merged together into a single view, showing all angles of the incident using the Merge Videos feature. The merged video shows the most relevant video, based on annotations assigned by the user.

The Add Videos action is built with OpenContent Web Services (OC) and the Google Maps API provides the interactive map. The Merge Videos action is built with OC and uses FFmpeg as the video manipulation tool. The backend for both consists of DynamoDB, S3 and Solr.