CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Surge Solutions is a Michigan-based technology company whose goal is to provide custom software solutions for its clients. It utilizes cloud technology to create quick and creative results.

In the financial world, moneylending is challenging and complex. Lenders want their investments to be risk-free; borrowers want to make the right decisions. Efficiency, accuracy and speed are attained with the automation of the underwriting process.

To assist its clients in the lending industry, Surge is utilizing our xOS: Visualization of Automated Underwriting applications. Our product consists of two user-friendly web apps designed to streamline the underwriting of loan products, product recommendation and risk analysis.

Clients provide their financial information to the product-recommendation app, which searches for all products that match their needs. The best-fitting product is suggested, together with similar alternative products, with the ultimate goal of providing clients with the best loan option that meets their needs.

Loan officers also use our risk analysis app to visualize the change in risk and net benefit to the company as a result of changing loan guidelines. With the use of a tree structure, parameters are easily and quickly visualized and altered.

Our xOS: Visualization of Automated Underwriting application frontends are built using React and D3 in JavaScript. Our backend is accessed via a REST API and is hosted on Amazon Web Services.