CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2019
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Meijer is a supercenter chain with roots firmly planted in Michigan. With 242 stores in six states, Grand Rapids-based Meijer is one of the biggest retailers in the nation.

Meijer is at the forefront of innovation with the early adoption of products such as shopping carts, automated checkout conveyor belts, and the mPerks digital-coupon program. mPerks enhances shoppers’ experiences by helping them earn discounts without the hassle of paper coupons.

Our Location-Based Personalized Shopping system, or aislePerks, improves the mPerks experience by notifying customers of deals and specials that may interest them while they are shopping. Customers who have the mPerks app on their mobile device have the option to download aislePerks.

When customers enter the store, they can open the app to see any relevant deals or specials. As they walk through the store, deals are recommended based on their previous purchases and where they spend the most time in the store. Deals are selected by customers and saved to their “Saved Deals” page where they can view their deal history.

Our system includes a companion dashboard website that Meijer employees utilize to view aislePerks usage data. This data includes statistics about top-selling products, the number of customers using it, and its effectiveness.

aislePerks utilizes APIs of Mist wireless networks to determine a customer’s exact location within a store. aislePerks is written in Java for Google Android devices and Swift for Apple iOS devices. Our backend system is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Our companion administrative dashboard is written in AngularJS.