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Michigan State University

Driving Directions to MSU

Map of Lansing Area
with Driving Directions

Campus Map of MSU

Campus Map MSU

For driving directions to Michigan State University, see these printable maps of the Lansing area and the campus.  Visit the Interactive Campus Map to locate buildings and parking on campus.

Engineering Building

The Engineering Building is located on the southeast corner of Shaw Lane and Red Cedar Road, near coordinates (E, 12) on the campus map.

A visitor parking lot is located directly across Shaw Lane north from the Engineering Building. The lot is on the eastbound one-way lane of Shaw Lane (technically South Shaw Lane) just west of Red Cedar Road. On the campus map, this visitor parking lot is labelled Lot #39 near coordinates (E, 12) and is marked ā€œVā€ for visitor.

If the Shaw Lane Lot #39 is full, go around the block and take North Shaw Lane heading back west towards the football stadium. Lot #79 is on the south side of the stadium near coordinates (D, 11) on the campus map . Lot #79 is very large and just a few blocks away from the Engineering Building.

Capstone All-Hands Meeting Rooms

The all-hands meetings are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. - 4:20 p.m.

On most days, we meet in 1279 Anthony Hall.

On days when there are Project Plan, Alpha or Beta presentations, we split into two groups and meet in two rooms, 1279 Anthony Hall and 2400 Engineering Building.

For presentation times and locations, see All-Hands-Meetings

Dr. Dyksen’s Office

Dr. Dyksen’s office is 3149 Engineering Building, which is highlighted in red on the east side of the building.

Enter the Engineering Building directly across South Shaw Lane from Lot #39. Turn left and head east down the hallway parallel to South Shaw Lane. Go past the first long southbound hallway to a second, shorter southbound hallway where there will be an elevator immediately on your right. (If you go up a ramp to a lobby, you've gone too far.)

Take the elevator up to the third floor. Exit left and head down the hallway to his office.

The Capstone Experience Lab Sponsored By Urban Science

Campus Map of MSU

The Capstone Lab
3352 Engineering Building

The Capstone Experience Lab is in 3352 Engineering Building, which is highlighted in red the northwest corner of the building near the intersection of Shaw Lane and Red Cedar Road.

Enter the Engineering Building directly across South Shaw Lane from Lot #39 and go up to the third floor. Room 3352 is near the end of the hallway to the west. The Capstone Experience Lab has glass windows into the hallway and a large LCD screen in the window.