CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2018
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Headquartered in Detroit, Urban Science is internationally renowned for providing data-driven, science-based solutions to problems in the automotive, health and retail industries.

The history of a vehicle is important to owners, sellers and buyers alike. Keeping an accurate and accessible record of a vehicle is a challenge, which often results in a disorganized group of documents stored in a vehicle’s built-in filing cabinet, its glove box.

Based on a vehicle’s unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), our VIN-Verse system leverages Urban Science’s existing data to provide a comprehensive history of a vehicle, including maintenance, both past and upcoming, repairs, recalls, and accidents.

VIN-Verse enables a vehicle’s owner to manage who can view their vehicle’s history. Repair facilities give better service when they are able to review a vehicle’s complete history. Potential buyers are more likely to purchase if they know the complete facts about a vehicle.

To augment Urban Science’s existing vehicle data, VIN-Verse includes a verified self-reporting system with which vehicle owners can enter their own repairs, thereby making the history complete.

For vehicle manufacturers, VIN-Verse provides a dashboard that visualizes trends in the service history of the vehicles that they make and sell.

As a responsive web app, VIN-Verse is accessible using any web browser on desktops or mobile devices.

The frontend of our VIN-Verse system is built with ASP.NET/C# and Angular 6. The backend is implemented using Microsoft SQL Server 2016.