CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2018
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

TechSmith provides software that empowers people to communicate more effectively by easily creating visual content such as images and video. Their flagship products, Snagit and Camtasia, are used by more than 30 million people worldwide.

TechSmith Video Review is a web-based system that enables video authors to obtain feedback on their videos before publishing them.

Our TechSmith Video Review and Slack Integration project extends the functionality of Video Review by connecting video authors with video reviews using team messaging systems.

In particular, our system integrates the popular messaging system Slack into Video Review. Users post and review videos, all from within their desired Slack channel. Reviewers post reviews of their own and comment on other users’ reviews. Video authors read reviews and respond to reviewers interactively using Slack.

Reviews can be created from directly within Slack or synchronized from a preexisting review created from within TechSmith’s Video Review.

Once a review is posted on Slack, all reviews and replies are updated both within Slack and within Video Review. This enables users to create and modify reviews on the platform of their choice while having consistent information.

Our TechSmith Video Review and Slack Integration system is implemented using two proxy servers, one for Slack’s API and one serving a REST API that communicates with Video Review. Both servers are written in C#, contained in Docker, and documented using Swagger.