CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2018
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1934, Meijer is the pioneer of the modern supercenter with 242 stores located throughout the Midwest.

As a large retailer, Meijer ships and tracks thousands of products from supplier to store shelf. Timely and safe arrival of products is key for customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

All retailers experience product loss, often from theft or from product expiration for things like produce and dairy products. This product loss is known as “shrink.”

Our Shrink Reduction Using Blockchain system reduces shrink resulting from product expiration by tracking products along the entire supply chain from supplier to store.

Meijer team members use our web app to record a product’s expiration date when it is received from a supplier. Team members update product information by scanning QR codes each time a product arrives at a new location, which is updated in our blockchain database.

Meijer team members use our shrink reduction alerts to decide which products should be put on the shelf based on their expiration dates. As a result, more products are sold before their expiration dates, thereby reducing shrink.

Our companion web app shows loss statistics on specific products such as product location and estimated cost, which is used to prevent future loss.

Our Shrink Reduction Using Blockchain system uses the Microsoft Azure Framework with Ethereum Private blockchain technology. Our iOS app is built using XCode. Our web app uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ASP.NET.