CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2018
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

SpartanNash is a wholesale grocery distributor, supplying more than 2,100 independent grocery retail locations throughout the US, as well as a grocery retailer with more than 140 corporate supermarkets in 47 states.

Known as the local grocery store, SpartanNash values its close relationship with the local community. As part of their commitment to these local communities, SpartanNash sets yearly goals of volunteer hours for their associates.

Our Volunteer Tracking System provides a new automated way for SpartanNash to keep track of associates’ volunteer hours, replacing the previous manual “paper and pencil” system.

Our cross-platform app provides a simple and intuitive user experience. SpartanNash volunteers keep track of volunteer hours easily by using our web app. Social media integration and gamification increases overall participation.

When a SpartanNash associate logs into our app, the leaderboard is displayed showing their progress towards reaching their individual goal along with overall company progress. Associates can compare their progress with others.

SpartanNash supervisors manage the system using our companion administrative web portal.

Our Volunteer Tracking System is developed using React Native. Our administrative web portal is written with PHP and HTML. All of the data is stored in a MySQL database with Oauth2 security measures.