CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2018
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Michigan State University (MSU) is the nation’s pioneer land-grant university and is a world-renowned research university, with top-tier academic and service-learning programs.

Our Classroom Engagement System (Pulse) provides a simple and convenient interface that enables extended engagement between course instructors and students. Pulse is designed around attendance, communication and analytics.

Attendance is made easy. Students simply respond to a notification that is sent to their mobile device as they enter a classroom. The student is then transported into the app to access the class material.

Pulse allows students and instructors to access multiple classroom resources on a compact and intuitive platform. Pulse offers a class overview page with course information, as well as a class forum where students and instructors can hold discussions.

Pulse’s quizzes replace paper quizzes, thereby saving paper and time. The quizzes can be taken during class or at any time. Progress bars and timers are available to enhance the user experience.

Analytics are collected and displayed by our instructor-side web app for evaluation in real-time. Based on student responses to questions, instructors can vary the content in their lectures.

Our Pulse mobile apps are native apps for Apple iOS and Google Android developed with Swift and Kotlin, respectively. Our web apps are created with Vue.js. The backend interface consists of several platforms from Amazon Web Services.