CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2018
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

DRIVEN-4 is focused on driving competitive advantage for their customers by providing strategies, insights and proven implementations of integrated process and technology to deliver products and services to market.

Our 2020 Business in a Box system shows how a connected product platform can bridge the gap between product design and consumer use.

Our system comprises both manufacturer and consumer platforms to provide the insight needed to improve product design and consumer relationships while at the same time providing consumers with an enhanced experience for improving their daily lives.

Our web-based manufacturer portal provides for domain-specific configuration to create a dashboard for users in various job roles to visualize data and perform actions specific to their fulfillment of business and consumer needs. The built-in device simulator allows manufacturers to digitally simulate connected products before they are produced.

Our showcase of the platform demonstrates its use through the eyes of a mattress manufacturer and its consumers. When placed in the mattress, our connected device uses accelerometer and temperature sensors to transmit sleep cycle information to the platform.

The end-consumer experiences the platform through a mobile app that provides sleep analysis, suggestions to improve sleep quality and augmented reality visualizations for servicing their device.

Our web portal is written in CSS, HTML and ReactJS. Our device simulator is written in Java. Our mobile app is built in React Native for Apple iOS devices.