CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2018
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Accenture is a professional services company that solves their clients’ problems by providing services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Accenture’s iDefense provides timely, relevant and actionable cyber threat intelligence to the largest organizations in the world.

Malware is software that is intended to damage or disable computers. Accenture iDefense maintains a large database with more than 260 million samples of malware. Before being added to this database, each new malware sample must be analyzed to determine what it does and how it works.

iDefense uses various software modules to analyze malware. However, the number of malware samples is growing so fast that it cannot be processed manually.

Our Automated Malware Analysis Platform (AMAP) is a web app that combines iDefense’s various malware analysis modules to process malware automatically at the speed and scale required.

For each batch of malware, users choose which iDefense malware analysis modules to apply. Our dashboard displays the status of malware currently being processed and the status of the overall system. Malware is also processed automatically by our system when users are not actively using it.

Our Automated Malware Analysis Platform runs as a web-based application with a backend written in Python. The underlying database holding malware samples and analysis output is mongoDB.