CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2017
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Yello, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, provides software solutions to enable companies to hire new employees as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While there exist numerous software systems for companies to manage information about applicants at career fairs, there is a lack of software for applicants to manage information about companies.

While attending a career fair, applicants have limited time to explore dozens or even hundreds of companies, forcing them to make important life decisions quickly, based on limited information.

Our YelloVision Career Fair Augmented Reality app is designed to help applicants to make informed decisions about potential employers while attending a career fair.

Using YelloVision, a career fair applicant looks up information about a company simply by using their phone camera to scan a company’s logo at their booth. After identifying a company by its logo, our app displays the company’s name, locations and the majors it is looking to hire. A “More Details” button provides access to more comprehensive information.

In addition to its augmented reality feature, YelloVision supports searching by company name in cases when an applicant does not want to use the logo search feature or the applicant cannot find a logo at a company’s booth.

Our YelloVision Career Fair Augmented Reality app is built using Objective C in Xcode for Apple (iOS) devices and using Java in Android Studio for Google Android devices.