CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2017
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science is a global consulting firm headquartered in Detroit, which specializes in industries that include automotive, health and retail. Urban Science uses the combination of science and technology to identify and improve market share, sales, profitability and customer loyalty.

Within the automotive industry, Urban Science aims to improve marketing campaign efficiency for which a common challenge is to target potential likely buyers while avoiding advertising to customers who are not interested in buying a new vehicle.

Our Real-Time Ad Campaign Management recommendation system helps automobile ad campaign managers optimize their marketing campaign budgets by targeting optimal potential buyers.

Our system uses various real-time online and offline marketing data to improve marketing campaigns by making various recommendations such as removing customers from mailing lists and accurately predicting which customers would be most likely to purchase a vehicle.

Using our intuitive interface, ad campaign managers have the option to implement the recommended improvements to their campaign allowing them to make tactical decisions and impact campaign execution and results in real-time.

Our Real Time Ad Campaign Management recommendation system is written in C# using .NET Core 1.0 as a platform. The control panel interface is built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with the Vue.js framework. Data is stored in a Neo4j graph database.