CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2017
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Spectrum Health provides high quality healthcare in Western Michigan through 10 hospitals, 7 urgent care centers and 33 laboratories. Together, Spectrum Health employs nearly 3,100 physicians, residents and advanced practitioners.

After graduating from medical school, physicians train for a number of years as resident physicians at hospitals before becoming certified in their field of specialty.

Hospital resident physicians are limited by federal regulations in the number of hours they may work in a single shift, so they must keep track of their shift times accurately.

Resident physicians click the Start button on our mobile app to begin their shift. Push notifications alert the resident if they are approaching a shift time limit per federal regulations. Clocking out is as simple as pressing the Stop button. Our app provides for manual time entry if the resident forgets to start or end their shift.

Administrators called Resident Coordinators use our companion web app to manage groups of residents. Resident Coordinators can view clock in and out times, see shift data by resident, and select a date range for the shift display. An Export button exports data for importing into Excel.

Our Resident Physician Tracking system utilizes Swift for Apple (iOS) devices and Java for Google Android devices. It uses ASP.NET Core MVC with .NET Core and Entity Framework for its API.