CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2017
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Meijer is a large supercenter chain located in the Midwest. With over 200 stores, Meijer is one of the largest retailers and private companies in the nation.

Our MyMeijer Crowdsource Shopping mobile app improves the shopping experience at Meijer stores by enabling customers to report potential issues within the store to Meijer team members immediately so they can be resolved quickly. Issues may include out-of-stock merchandise, spills or any other hazards.

Customers use Meijer’s mPerks loyalty program to save money by redeeming digital coupons and rewards. Customers can now earn mPerks points toward rewards by using our MyMeijer app to report issues while shopping.

Meijer in-store team members use our companion Bluebird mobile app to respond quickly to push notifications sent to them by our system about issues noticed by shoppers.

All reported issues and resolutions are logged in a central Meijer database. Meijer managers use our companion Corporate Scoreboard app to detect frequently out-of-stock items and issues at Meijer stores across the country. It displays statistics collected from the customer reports, which assist Meijer management in running their stores efficiently.

Our MyMeijer Crowdsource Shopping system is written using Xamarin. The customer app runs on Apple (iOS) and Google Android devices; the Meijer team member app runs on Windows. The Corporate Scoreboard web app is written using .NET framework and hosted on Azure Cloud Services.