CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2017
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Humana provides many innovative products, services and business practices that help consumers make healthcare decisions with confidence.

As one of its goals, Humana aims to improve the health of their members by 20%. With childhood obesity doubling in children and quadrupling in adolescents, there’s a need to counteract the recent growth of unhealthy lifestyles.

Our Humana Kids Android mobile app educates children and parents about nutrition and exercise through a series of pop-up surveys, tips and challenges that promote healthy living.

Humana Kids allows parents to switch our app to “Child Mode” in which health and exercise related pop-ups appear while their child uses their device. To incentivize children to make healthy choices on surveys, coins and badges are awarded for positive answers, which determine their ranking compared to other users.

Parents view their child’s health trends through our companion web app. Graphs generated from their child’s responses visualize the current results. Parents receive tips tailored to their child to promote further healthy choices.

Humana administrators use our companion web app to view graphs displaying general health trends of all users. Humana administrators can modify and add surveys, tips and recipes.

Our mobile app is written in Java and runs on any Android device. Our web app is written in Python and utilizes Django framework. Both are interfaced with a REST API connected to a SQLite database.