CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2016
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Overlooking Millennial Park in downtown Chicago, Yello provides talent acquisition software to assist companies with filling their most challenging job openings.

Yello’s software is used by companies and candidates around the world. Each candidate inputs their contact information, academic profile and career profile, as well as uploads a digital copy of their résumé. Companies download candidate information, process candidate evaluations, and do outreach.

As Yello’s software is used by hundreds of companies and many thousands of candidates over numerous years, very large amounts of useful and informative data are collected. Unfortunately, large datasets are notoriously hard to explore and even harder to comprehend.

Our Visualizing Dynamic Data Exploration app provides the means for recruiters to analyze large datasets and to discover underlying trends. The data is visualized by converting it to an infographic that is dynamically viewable and editable.

A user of the app imports the data, selects what information to visualize, and then generates the infographic. Once generated, the app allows for filtering and selection of the represented data, manipulation of the infographic to help with understanding, and cosmetic adjustments to assist in the presentation of the data.

Our Visualizing Dynamic Data Exploration app is written in Python, Django, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Additionally, SQLite is used for our database and the open-source D3 JavaScript library is utilized for the visualizations.