CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2016
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Spectrum Health, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides high quality, high value healthcare through its seven hospitals, more than 140 service sites, and Priority Health, a health plan with nearly 500,000 members.

Spectrum Health’s patients include homebound adults who often lack family and friends to care for them. Without caregivers, homebound adults can become lonely and even depressed, resulting in a poor quality of life.

Our Healthier Communities Time Banking social web app connects homebound adults with volunteer caregivers. Homebound adults can post requests for services. Volunteer caregivers are able to browse these requests and respond.

For example, homebound users themselves may be able to fulfill requests of other homebound adults by providing help with using a computer. Users requesting a service can offer payment in the form of “time banked” when helping others, thus giving them the much needed feelings of being useful and having a purpose.

Our chat system also enables homebound adults and volunteer caregivers to chat with each other. Users can set up fulfillment of requests or just talk with each other and get the socialization that all humans need.

By enabling caregivers to provide for their needs, our app is improving the lives of homebound adults throughout West Michigan.

Our Healthier Communities Time Banking web app utilizes Angular 2 and .NetCore for MVC and WebAPI utilization.