CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2016
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Meijer is one of the country’s largest supercenter chains, providing high quality food and merchandise in six states across the Midwest. Meijer is leading the fast moving retail market with innovative products and services.

Our Intelligent Shopping List app automatically generates a personalized shopping list for Meijer customers, thereby streamlining the time spent on repeat purchases and potentially eliminating the need to go to the store all together.

mPerks is Meijer’s customer loyalty program. Among other features, customers use mPerks to receive and redeem coupons at checkout.

Our app uses a customer’s mPerks account history to create a personalized shopping list based on previous purchases and buying habits. It uses frequency of purchases, quantity of items purchased and time of year. Once automatically created, Meijer customers can edit their shopping list.

In addition to in-store shopping lists, customers can create shipping lists to have items shipped directly to their home at a frequency of their choosing. Deliveries can be suspended and resumed at any time.

Meijer associates use a companion web app for home delivery order fulfillment. With it, they view all pending and completed orders.

Our Intelligent Shopping List app is written using Xamarin and runs on any iOS device. Our companion web app uses Microsoft’s NET framework and is deployed in Microsoft Azure cloud services.