CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2016
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Spectrum Health, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides high quality, high value healthcare through its twelve hospitals, more than 180 ambulatory and service sites, and Priority Health, a health plan with over 700,000 members.

Our Mobile Rounding App is designed to improve the patient experience during their hospital stay after surgery. Our system consists of two distinct parts, a mobile app and a web app.

Our mobile app enables patients to contact their surgeon with concerns and questions. Patients can do this through a video call or a text message within our app. Each patient is provided with a personalized tablet to be used during their hospital stay.

In addition to contacting their surgeon, patients can view educational materials that pertain to their surgical procedure. They are also provided with a daily checklist of tasks they are expected to complete each day while they are recovering.

Surgeons like Drs. Jason Slaikeu and Peter Beaulieu, vascular surgeons at Spectrum Health and our project collaborators, use the Mobile Rounding App on their tablets to answer video calls from their patients and exchange text messages with them.

Spectrum Health configures tablets and mobile apps for patients using our companion web app. Patient information is entered along with the checklist of tasks to be completed during recovery from surgery.

Our Mobile Rounding App is written in Java and C. The web app runs on the ASP.NET Web API and is written using JavaScript with the AngularJS framework, HTML and C#. Our platforms are supported on the backend by a MySQL database.