CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2015
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science delivers consulting and software solutions that help automotive clients increase market share and boost profitability through high performing retail networks.

At each of Urban Science’s automotive partners, the global marketing managers are responsible for understanding what cars are selling where and how these sales relate to their competition.

These automotive marketing managers review market statistics through a variety of metrics, providing their assessments to executives who use them to make strategic investments in new products and dealerships. Currently, this information is obtained using multiple disparate systems.

Our Global Dealer Census and Market Share Viewer system is a robust multi-platform application that consolidates and visualizes global market share data in one convenient place.

Using a map interface, managers can drill down to region and country level statistics, and analyze the data using a variety of metrics. Graphs and charts provide helpful visualizations. Managers can receive push notifications when updated market share data become available.

The CEO view shows a high-level summary report of a company’s market and franchise share versus its competitors.

Our system includes a web app along with native apps for iPads and Android tablets. The web app is written in JavaScript using ASP.NET MVC with a Microsoft SQL backend database. Visualizations are implemented via Google Charts and amCharts.