CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2015
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Meijer is one of the country’s largest supercenters that provides high quality food and merchandise to several states across the Midwestern United States. With their headquarters located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Meijer has over 200 stores, 60,000 team members, and is continually revolutionizing today’s shopping experience by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Our Product Availability Check using Glassware system enables Meijer team members to check the availability of products for Meijer customers. Our application supports searching via barcode scanning or voice input and it provides visual feedback regarding availability, quickly and hands-free.

In addition to the Glassware, our system includes a native Android application that also provides barcode scanning capabilities and the ability to view previously scanned products to reduce duplicate scans. While the Glassware screen is only visible to Meijer team members, customers can view product information using this Android application.

The third component of our product availability system is a web application that displays analytics showing the usage of the Glassware and Android apps. Meijer team members can look up products to see how many times they are searched for, including how many times the scans are successful.

The Glassware and Android applications are written in Java with the open source ZBar scanning library. The web application is written using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Our backend services are hosted on Microsoft Azure, which includes a SQL server and mobile services features.