CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2014
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union is the largest university-based credit union in the world, serving more than 181,000 members. Many of their members are students and recent graduates of Michigan State University who are new to the complex world of finance.

Teaching students and recent alumni the importance of fiscal management and fiscal responsibility is very important, especially in our increasingly complex financial world with a wide variety of often complicated and confusing options.

Our Mobile Financial Education App provides students and recent graduates with concise information about a wide variety of timely financial topics quickly in the palm of their hand.

Students can personalize their use of our app while navigating through topical reference materials and financial tools relevant to their needs and challenges such as student loans, credit scores and travel expenses.

Additionally, our app includes an “Ask an Expert” feature, which enables users to email questions directly to experts at the MSU Federal Credit Union.

Our Mobile Financial Education App supports a wide variety of mobile devices providing native apps for iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones and tablets.

Our iPhone and iPad apps are written in Objective-C using Xcode. Our Android apps are written in Java using Android Studio. The content for the apps is served from a knowledge base curated by MSUFCU.