CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2013
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Spectrum Health System, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides high quality, high value healthcare in West Michigan through its nine hospitals, which are staffed by over 20,000 employees.

In order to maintain and grow its workforce, Spectrum Health hosts online job search and application systems.

Our Talent Connections Careers Mobile Site is a new easy-to-use mobile job application system that provides a way for on-the-go users to apply quickly and easily for jobs at Spectrum Health. Our system supports both smart phones and tablets.

When a user expresses interest in applying for a position, they are directed to the search page shown at the right. Available jobs can be filtered by numerous criteria or sorted either alphabetically or by the date they were posted.

Search results include basic information about each job, including a position title and location. Tapping on a job search result gives more details along with an option to apply.

Our mobile web site uses a responsive layout, which enables it to accommodate the great variety of differing mobile device screen sizes automatically and dynamically.

Since many mobile phones and tablets do not allow users to store documents on them, our Talent Connections Careers Mobile Site is integrated with DropBox so users can submit their résumés by logging into their DropBox account.

Our single-page web app employs state-of-the-art technologies including HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS and Bootstrap.