CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2013
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

IBM Corporation strives to create technology that makes the world smarter, faster, and better. They have been developing hardware and software solutions for over a century.

Information technology (IT) consulting is one of the primary services of IBM. Our Information Technology Assessment Toolkit is designed to improve the performance of IBM’s consultants thereby increasing the benefit their clients receive from their services.

Our Information Technology Assessment Toolkit enables IBM consultants to organize and synthesize data, expedite the assessment processes, and provide feedback that is beneficial to their clients. Consultants can store data collected from their clients onto a database, quickly generate and send surveys to their clients, and produce interactive charts and graphs from the survey results.

Consultants do three main assessments for each client: one for the business group, one for IT group, and one for both. Assessments can be done remotely by emailing surveys in the form of Microsoft Word documents or in person at a consulting seminar called a workshop.

Our toolkit performs cross-client comparisons so that consultants can see trends across all their clients, providing insights on the most common areas requiring improvement.

Our Information Technology Assessment Toolkit is a native Microsoft Windows application developed in Microsoft Visual Studio using the .NET Framework. The Entity Framework is used to communicate with an IBM DB2 Express-C database.