CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2012
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science delivers maximum results in the automotive industry for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) worldwide through optimization software and scientific analysis. Their products and services enable clients to evaluate and manage their dealer networks more effectively and more efficiently.

One very important aspect of dealer network management is that of geography management, which allows OEMs to view and modify geographic territories defined by census data.

Our Mobile Geography Management application extends this concept to mobile devices, specifically the iPad, featuring touch gestures for an optimized and well-formatted display. Since dealer networks and therefore geography assignments change constantly, we provide several visual cues allowing for straightforward interactions and analysis of data.

After launching the application, the user can zoom and view geographic territories and automotive dealerships within the United States in one continuous motion. The user can select and edit any geographic territory with the touch of a finger.

Our application provides a mobile solution for managing geographic territories and assists in achieving maximal results for OEM dealer network evaluation and management.The Mobile Geography Management application is written using JavaScript, HTML5, and PHP. Geographic data is stored using an SQL Server 2008 database.