CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2012
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science serves the automotive industry by improving the sales and services of its customers using comprehensive data driven analysis of key performance indicators. The results produce higher sales and better services at lower costs.

Our Infographics Generator provides an innovative way to visualize these key performance indicators, helping teams track effectiveness in their primary market areas. Our visualizations serve as a bridge, transporting users from a confusing table of numbers to a vibrant display of relevant information.

The key performance indicators are divided into three main categories: sales, lead management and service. Each category represents a major slice of business. Our drill down display provides a more in-depth explanation of the information shown on the infographic.

An infographic element, a subsection of an entire infographic, can be selected to display a trend chart covering the last six months of data along with a more detailed description of that element. Our Infographics Generator is a web application designed for use on the iPad. Our web application supports typical touch gestures such as swipe gestures that one would expect on a tablet, thereby giving users the feel of a native application.

Our Infographics Generator is written using HTML5 and JavaScript. Data for the infographics generator is stored using a SQL Server 2008 database then sent in JSON format to the iPad’s local storage for fast retrieval.