CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2012
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

As the mobile device market continues to grow, consumers are using smart phones and tablets more and more in everyday situations. Compared to the rapid innovations of most technology, the television viewing experience has hardly changed.

The Context-Driven Content Delivery system provides an interactive television experience. As the viewer is watching a television show, the CompleteTV Android application can display other forms of content relevant to what is currently playing on the television.

Content providers have the ability to market their products to targeted audiences by utilizing the system. For example, a content provider could set an advertisement for Walmart as soon as a character on television walks into a Walmart store.

The viewers can synchronize their mobile devices through their cable box at home or, if they are out of range of their cable box, through recording an audio sample from the program that is being viewed. The user also has the option to manually select the program from the Android application.

The Context-Driven Content Delivery system is created using Java along with the RESTful web framework and PostgreSQL. Our mobile applications are written in jQuery Mobile for optimal user experience. These applications are deployed on a Glassfish server and are optimized for the Motorola Xoom tablet device.