CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2012
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

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Plex Systems

Auburn Hills, Michigan

Web Application Developer


You will collaborate with other developers, project managers, and cross-functional teams to create new features while maintaining and strengthening the security, stability and scalability of our solution. You will be involved in all aspects of development including design, database schema, business logic, and user interface. As a Plex developer your work has a significant, positive impact for our users. Our dedication to agile development is not just talk. With the support of tools we have built to streamline the development cycle, your code will often be in the user’s hands the same day as you began working on it.


  • Technical Degree or Equivalent Experience
  • Independent, Decisive, Self-motivated Attitude
  • Analytical Nature and Problem Solving Intuition
  • Organizational/Time Management Skills
  • Exceptional Written and Verbal Communication
  • Innovative Responses to Complex Challenges in Business and Technology
  • Flexibility to Work Effectively in a Fast-paced Environment

Nice to Have:

  • MS SQL Server, Oracle, or Other Enterprise Database Software
  • ASP.Net / C#
  • Scripting Languages (VBScript, JavaScript, PHP, etc.)
  • Active Server Pages
  • DBA-level SQL Performance Tuning
  • Experience in a Manufacturing Environment
  • Experience with Cloud Computing

To paraphrase Heinlein, a Plex Developer should be able to change and adapt, plan a project, guide an ad hoc team, design a database, write software, balance priorities, build trust with the customer, clearly present an idea, respond to challenges with innovation, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, prioritize a task list, program a computer. Specialization is for insects.

Plex Systems is a fast-growing technology company with a great work culture. We offer a flexible and open work environment, competitive wages, full-coverage health insurance (medical, dental, optical), 401K, flextime, career growth opportunities, and other benefits

To apply for this position send your cover letter and resume to jobs@plex.com.