CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2011
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Sparrow is mid-Michigan’s largest health provider, with a diverse range of services and facilities. Sparrow has two Lansing campuses, Sparrow Clinton Hospital, Sparrow Ionia Hospital, Sparrow Specialty Hospital, Michigan Athletic Club, Medical Supply, Pharmacies, Medical Groups, and dozens of other satellite locations. Each of these facilities house dozens of high tech devices, which are critical to the care of their patients. In a hospital setting, keeping these devices working is a matter of life or death.

Our iSupport Device Management System shows Sparrow IT helpdesk staff the status of hardware devices such as printers, fax machines, copiers and computers. When a device fails, our systems helps Sparrow IT staff to assist hospital staff to quickly find an alternate working device, as well as getting devices serviced more quickly.

Floor maps in the various campus buildings are displayed. A helpdesk associate can select a floor, see all the devices on that floor, and see which devices are working and not working.

A helpdesk associate adds new devices to the map and moves existing ones with a graphical drag-and-drop user interface. Devices can be identified and located on a floor map by simply searching for them using their unique device ID. New floor maps with new devices are easily added to the system.

Our iSupport Device Management System works with any web browser. It is written using ASP.NET/C# and JavaScript and jQuery. Data is managed with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.