CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2011
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Every day thousands of people go online to shop for a car that suits their lifestyle. For example, two upper class parents might need an SUV to fit themselves and their two children comfortably. They navigate to an automotive manufacturer’s website such as AudiUSA.com and request a quote from a local dealership. The dealer responds and starts the sales process with the customer just as if they had walked in the door of the showroom.

Requests such as these leads are routed through Urban Science, an automotive consulting company that enriches customer leads with additional useful data and scores them in an effort to help dealers target the right customers. With so many customer leads, it can be difficult for an automotive company to visualize geographically the locations from where their leads are originating. LeadVision solves this problem by taking those leads and plotting them on a map.

While LeadVision currently only plots leads, the web version will also give the user the option of interacting with the map. Clicking on a vehicle model will filter the map to only show leads for that particular model. Clicking on a geographic area will zoom LeadVision to that particular geography.

The introduction of the new LeadVision system to the web with its manufacturer-agnostic platform provides benefits to corporate employees as well as enabling field representatives and dealerships to create a better connection between any brand and its respective customers.