CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2011
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Today’s world is an increasingly interactive one, from the ubiquity of social media to the increasing growth of mobile devices. While traditional content providers struggle with how to utilize these growing social and technological platforms, users demand a much more rich and interactive experience than television currently offers.

Motorola Mobility aims to solve this problem with services that allow content providers to tailor a unique multimedia experience for users and present secondary content to users to enhance their experience.

In the cloud, the Content Authoring Tool (CAT) allows content providers to associate secondary content, such as videos, Twitter feeds, sports statistics, etc., with primary content viewed on the television. With this tool, content providers can easily choose what secondary content to show and the exact point at which it will appear. It allows great flexibility, so that a user viewing the same program multiple times may have a unique experience with each viewing.

On a mobile device, the CompleteTV App presents this secondary content to users, allowing them to interact with what they’re viewing in new ways. With either their Apple or Android devices, users will be immersed in secondary content aimed at improving their viewing experience. Whether it’s actor biographies, information on a product they have seen, or a video of the best plays of the game, users will be engaged with their televisions rather than just as passive observers.