CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2011
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Chrysler Group, LLC fleet customers return vehicles to marshaling yards at various locations throughout the nation. The objective is to distribute each vehicle to the auction that will sell it at the highest price.

The Chrysler distribution manager will be using our application to determine the optimal auction location around the country to send and subsequently sell the returned vehicle. There are eighteen auction sites to consider, and a vehicle may sell for a different price at each, depending on the local dealer demand for that type of vehicle.

Our application automates the process of predicting approximately how much a vehicle will sell for at each auction and shows which auction has the highest demand for a specific vehicle based on past sales and inventory data. The system allows the manager to target a specific vehicle body model and automatically distribute vehicles throughout the country. 

In the screenshot shown to the right, the distribution manager can view a summary of how vehicles are selling, and how the current distribution compares to the target distribution. Our system determines the optimal auction site for each vehicle. The distribution manager is then able to make adjustments to the stock of vehicles at each auction site as they deem necessary. 

Our system automates most of the decision making, but also focuses on providing the distribution manager with the information required to make the best possible decisions, overriding our system’s decisions when necessary.