CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2011
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Auto-Owners Insurance operates solely through over 6,700 independent agents in twenty-six states to provide insurance that is “Safe, Sound and Secure”®. To help these agents advertise in their local communities quickly and easily, we have created Agent Multimedia Advertisement Builder.

Using this web application, independent agents can fulfill all of their print, television and radio advertising needs. Starting with standard templates provided by Auto-Owners, agents can produce customized, professional ads in minutes.

Each agency has a system account that includes an agency profile, which contains contact information along with an uploaded logo and uploaded images that may be used to customize ads. After an agent selects a template ad, the system automatically populates it with all of the agency-specific information, making it very easy for agents to build and preview potential advertisements.

Once created, customized ads are automatically submitted to Auto-Owners for review. Agents are then notified by email that their proposed ad has been accepted or are given suggested changes for editing and resubmission.

For users at Auto-Owners, the system supports other features including the ability to view a history of ads submitted as well as statistical reports, such as the use of particular templates.

The 6,700 independent Auto-Owners Insurance agents now have a quick and easy way of creating and customizing their own advertisements.